Wild Blood Online Slot Game – Play Online for Free Today

Wild Blood is an online slot game created by Play ‘N Go. It features a fairly standard five reel, fifteen play line system, but stands apart for its visual design and theme. As the name suggests, Wild Blood is based around vampires. But not just any vampires, alarmingly attractive vampires straight out of a teenagers sultry dream.

There are three gorgeous lady vampires, a redhead, brunette and blonde, as well as a hunky male vampire, complete with dark hair and broad shoulders. These characters feature prominently in the symbol designs, and are not only pleasing to look at, but also worth a good amount of cash if matched in sequences.

The other symbols of the game are rather disappointingly generic, but the mini-games and bonus features carry the game through and make it worth a look, even for those not hypnotised with vampire lust. The game is available now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet. Note that the game has high resolution graphics and my not work on older mobile phones that have limited system resources.

Standard Play Features

The redheaded vampire babe is the most valuable standard symbol in the game, and will payout substantially if matched with itself the maximum of five times. The brunette lady is worth a little less, and the blond the least. Note, however, that each will transform and grow fangs when landing in a sequence, with impressive animation quality that really is a sight to behold.

The remaining standard symbols are the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, and although designed to look like smears of blood, lack the quality seen in the character designs. To really rake in the cash in Wild Blood, however, the player must turn their attention to the bonus symbols. These include the male vampire, the game logo, and the vials of blood.

Bonuses And Specials

The male vampire acts as a wild symbol, and will match with all other symbols to create matching sequences. The symbol is also expanding, meaning that if landing on the reels, the image will expand to cover all symbols in the row, allowing for multiple matches to be created. This feature serves to not only reveal the brooding creature’s manly body, guaranteed to make teenage girl’s everywhere swoon, but also to grant excellent payouts. The vials of blood are the scatter symbol, and will match even if not sitting adjacent in the play area.

Once matched the vials of blood will transport the player to a second screen. On this screen there will be six vials of blood, allowing the player to select one by clicking or tapping it. Once selected a vial will levitate, as if being picked up by an invisible hand, and shake to mix the contents of the vial. The stopper is then removed, and prizes revealed within. These prizes generally include free spins, cash, and multipliers. Not only is the animation in this bonus game is exceptional, but the prizes are the largest to be won in the Wild Blood game.