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Grand Final in Melbourne, Australia Review

While the date for the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne, Australia, has not be set as yet for 2016, chances are that the final will take place at the end of September, or early in October, most probably on Oct 1. For those who don’t know too much about this sport, the AFL Grand Final is an Australian Rules football match that is played between the top two teams of the league.

In most cases, the final is played on the first Saturday in October. This much anticipated annual event is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, typically to a completely sold out stadium. The two winning teams of the Australian Football League will compete in this massive event. Many people might say that the big match in October every year is actually a huge part of modern Australia’s tradition, and it certainly does attract a massive fan base. Spectators from Australia, as well as from around the world, will watch this event unfold.

For the team that is victorious at the AFL Final in Melbourne, Australia, they will take home the Premiership Cup, as well as the Premiership Flag. Each of the individual AFL payers that win the Grand Final will also be presented with a gold Premiership Medallion.

Interestingly, just about all of the current league teams have at some time or another, competed in the AFL Grand Final that is played in Melbourne, Australia. The Gold Coast as well as the Greater Western Sydney teams have not as yet been able to contest the final. Adelaide has had the most success when they have reached the Grand Final, and have actually never lost a final match.

Best AFL Grand Final Matches

There are a number of AFL Grand Final Betting odds that are considered to have been some of the best matches, and are remembered by many fans. Take for instance, the Final in 2010, in which the match was actually drawn, when St Kilda and Collingwood faced off against each other. The match was replayed a week later, when Collingwood this time took the victory. This was only the third time a final had been drawn in the event’s history.

In 2007, the winning margin in the final was massive. Geelong was able to win the match by defeating Port Adelaide by an amazing 119 points.

In the previous year, the 2006 final on the other hand was extremely closely contested, and the winning margin was just a single point. In this case, West Coast beat Sydney in Melbourne, Australia, by this one point margin. Interesting, the result was the other way around in 2005, when Sydney was able to defeat West Coast by a close four points. This was the first time Sydney had been victorious in 72 years.

AFL Grand Final Stadiums

Things were slightly different in 1991, when the Grand Final was not played in Melbourne, Australia. Due the construction that was taking place at this sports stadium, the final match was played at VFL Park. Even though the venue was different, the final still provided great entertainment for all Australian Rules football fans.