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What are The Best Bets For Cricket?

The sport of Cricket in Canada is becoming more and more popular and it is interesting to note that in 1892 Cricket Canada was established. Many more people play Cricket as a pastime and many Canadian broadcasters have begun showing Cricket games such as the ICC World Cup.  This of course means that Canadians will want to place bets on Cricket.  Online betting has made this so much easier and many more Canadian bettors will have access to placing bets on Cricket.

Types of Cricket Bets

There are a number of Cricket bets available to Canadian bettors and having an understanding of how each bet works and the odds associated with the various bets will increase the chances of a positive outcome.

Match Betting

The easiest bet to place on Cricket is match betting and this is placing a bet on a team to win a particular match.  An example of cricket betting is a one day match between England and Australia and placing a bet on England being the favourite team to win.  There are some sportsbooks that may only pay out if an amount of overs have been played or they may cancel the bet is there is a draw.  Canadian bettors should always remember to read the conditions of each bet.

Betting on a Series Winner

Betting on a series winner is another easy cricket bet and here bettors predict the winner of a series of matches, for example The Ashes Series.  The Ashes is a popular bet among Cricket enthusiasts and is played between Australia and England.  They play five test matches and bettors must predict which team will be the overall winner of the series.

Outright Betting

Placing a bet on the outright winner is betting on a team taking part in a tournament, for example the ICC World Cup.  As there are a number of teams to pick from this type of bet can be a bit more complex.  The good news is that the odds are usually bigger with this type of bet, which means the possibility of a larger payout.

Tied Match Betting

A draw in Cricket is common and many sportsbooks will offer a tied match bet.  This bet mainly applies to test matches as there are often tie’s with these longer games.

Other types of cricket bets include the total runs scored during a match, how many fours or sixes were hit and which of the team’s will have the most run outs.  There are also Cricket bets which do not have anything to do with the outcome of the game such as which team will win the coin toss to start the match.

Individual Types of Cricket Bets

Popular Cricket bets also include bets placed on individual players.  Canadian bettors can predict who the top batsman of the game or series will be, that is, which cricketer scores the most runs.  Bettors can also opt to bet on which cricketer will be the best bowler, that is, who will take the most wickets.

Some sportsbooks also feature a batsman contest, a batsman is chosen from each team and then bettors predict which of the two will come out tops with regard to runs scored or the most fours or sixes that are hit.

Cricket is a popular game all around the world and there are a wide variety of bets available.  The above bets are the simplest and most popular offered.