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Why Betting On The NHL is so Popular?

Canadians love it, slamming, punching, throwing, and tackling, all of it going hand in hand with the NHL. Ice hockey is one of the most played sports in Canada. It is no surprise then that the National Hockey League attracts serious betting attention from all over the world.

The NHL 

The NHL or National Hockey League is the most elite professional hockey league in North America. Comprising of thirty competing clubs, with twenty-three from America and seven from Canada.

Founded in 1917, the NHL has always had a special place in Canadian hearts from is inception; the first league was played in Montreal and Quebec.

The teams within the league fiercely contest one another in pursuit of the Stanley Cup. The Cup is the oldest professional sports award in all of North America.

With the NHL firmly rooted in Canadian history, the league attracts players from all over the world. There is a diverse range of players and teams, which makes for top sports betting action.

Picking A Provider

Players from Canada opting for the best NHL betting options should only consider the most reputable sites. With the online sports betting realm flooded with providers, selecting the most appropriate sports book can be daunting.

We have compiled a checklist for you that will help you pick a provider that is most suited to your needs and personal style of play.

The best online sports books are reliable and licensed. Gaming licenses are issued in various territories and players should research the provider’s license and jurisdiction before opting for the provider.

The best online American Sports Betting sites have a solid reputation and players in quest of NHL betting options should research providers through helpful tools like discussion boards, forums and technical reviews.

The majority of the best sports betting sites keep the formula simple. They are compatible across a range of devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone. The payout time is usually between 24 to 72 hours.

Canadians must study the provider carefully. With plenty of competition in the market, certain providers will offer better odds on a game than others. Making use of the copious amounts of information available on the Internet will secure the best NHL betting odds.

NHL Bonus Offers

Players betting on the NHL will be delighted to know that most online sports betting websites provide new and existing players with lucrative incentives for online play.

Incentives come in various methods, the most popular of which are free cash bonuses. These bonuses are helpful and extend your playtime.

Players should read the providers terms and conditions thoroughly before opting into any deal. Bonuses are usually added for players making deposits.

These deposits are matched with coupons that are percentage based. Even though the offer states $250 free, the $250 is the maximum you may receive and it is possible that you only receive a small portion of that amount if your deposit is not as great $250.

Betting Variety 

Canadians making use of NHL betting online options will be more than satisfied by the multiplicity of online betting types within the sport. Players can expect to encounter traditional betting options such as money lines, puck lines, handicap betting and prop bets featuring the likes of first scorer, first team to give away a penalty and the winner of the coin toss.

Other niche betting markets may include new age tech betting such as live betting options. Players from Canada should be aware that not all providers offer live betting and should you require the service, research the providers offers on the availability of the feature.