Is it Possible to Win Lottery – Let’s Have a Look at the Question

Lottery is one of the largest jackpots available to most players around the world and with many different countries and groups running such betting opportunities most players around the world also have a direct link to a lottery game. The upside of lotteries are the small investments through ticket purchases versus the possibility of huge payouts. However of course the most notable downside of such a system is the ridiculous odds stacked against a single player winning. Continue Reading


Online Casino Basics for Gamblers in the USA

The arrival of the Internet in many modern homes through an extensive host of devices has made it possible for players in the USA and around the globe to play casino games online for real money.

Most online casinos available to USA players feature casino games online legally, despite the Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which clamped down on online casinos in the USA in 2006. Continue Reading


Introducing You about The Gambler’s Fallacy

Also known as the fallacy of the maturity of chances, or the Monte Carlo fallacy, the gambler’s fallacy is the belief that odds can change over time in a situation of pure chance. In other words, it’s the belief that if a player has been having a bad streak during a poker game, their luck will begin to improve as the game continues. Alternatively, a poker player starting out strong in a new poker game may believe their luck will get worse as they carry on playing. Continue Reading


Overview of Sahara Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

What seems to be the appeal for online casino over land based ones, at least from the perspective of the casino itself, is that the latter require a lot more investment to properly and effectively setup. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were the casino cities of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, with each of the large casinos now sitting there having had to fight to survive. This is because the competition in and amongst these places is understandably fierce and adds the whole online casino industry to the mix and chaos can ensue. Continue Reading


Summarizing Prime Slots Casino Online for You

Based in the Southern European Island country of Malta, Prime Slots is a colourful online casino with a mobile offshoot that has been active since 2011 within the stable of Aragon International Ltd.

The Prime Slots casino offers a range of slots and other casino games to players from a large number of countries, including the UK, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and South Africa, to name a few – although restrictions do apply to the US, France, China, and numerous Eastern European countries. Continue Reading


Mobile Boule at a Glance for Online Casino Players

Back in the days before the World Wide Web, people who wished to enjoy a game of chance would have had to slog out to brick-and-mortar casino in order to do so, but, thankfully, this is not the case in today’s technologically-advanced world. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, anyone who has a desktop computer has had easy access to real money games, and, with the massive strides mobile technologically has taken, these opportunities are now available to smartphone and tablet owners as well. Continue Reading