Overview of Sahara Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

What seems to be the appeal for online casino over land based ones, at least from the perspective of the casino itself, is that the latter require a lot more investment to properly and effectively setup. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were the casino cities of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, with each of the large casinos now sitting there having had to fight to survive. This is because the competition in and amongst these places is understandably fierce and adds the whole online casino industry to the mix and chaos can ensue.

See, what tends to make a land based casino exceptional is the tangible reality of the experience, surrounding oneself with the lavish and the luxury as well as the history and the culture. These are the reasons why plans for the Sahara Boardwalk Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City were proposed and also why said plans were unable to come to fruition.

History of Sahara Boardwalk Hotel and Casino

To truly define the history of this hotel and casino we need to travel back almost a century to 1926, when the President’s Hotel was constructed in Atlantic City. This building survived several decades, as well as rumours around its relation to organised crime in the city. In 1978 the land was bought by real estate group that owned and operated a Sahara hotel in Las Vegas.

The project plans for this Sahara Boardwalk Hotel and Casino were setup, with some 500 rooms and around 4000 metres squared of casino space projected. In 1979 the old President’s Hotel, turned apartment block, was demolished to make way for future plans. Sadly however, despite the best efforts of several visionaries, the land was destined to remain empty. Due to financial and legal issues this hotel and casino was never built, the gaming license never awarded and players never invited.

After this burn out there were several other plans and projects made over the years, with plans for a Hard Rock hotel and casino most recently in 2011. However even this didn’t manage to see fruition and as of yet the land that almost a century ago was the home to a landmark hotel and host to many dream projects along the way now acts as a parking lot and nothing more. How history can be such a cruel mistress on the unsuspecting.

Land Based Casino Gaming versus Online

The Sahara Boardwalk Hotel and Casino was intended to host around 4000 metres squared of casino space, which is actually quite a fair bit of room for gaming. The likely suspects that would have filled such a space should it have come to fruition slot machines and classic table games. Hallmarks of most casinos even today, these tried and tested games have always offered the players that good level of risk and reward whilst aiming to entertain throughout. Slots were built with diversity in mind; so many different themes were implemented alongside ranges of bonuses, jackpots and betting ranges. As far as the table games were concerned the usual suspects here were Craps, Blackjack, Poker and Roulette, with a few of the more exotic ones rearing their heads from time to time. Overall however the land based casino games offered a surreal atmosphere from within a casino and it is this factor that keeps players returning.