Play Jacks Or Better Video Poker at Online Gambling Sites

Jacks or Better is a video poker game that can be played online. This poker variant is available from multiple developers. The rules remain the same, but different developers set up different pay tables and different wager options.

Of all the poker variants, Jacks or Better video poker stays the most true to standard poker. The hand rankings remain just like standard poker, with the Royal Flush being the highest valued combination.

Jacks or better is a simple and fun poker game that is played against the house. Your wins are determined by the hand you are dealt. If you have a winning hand, you will get your staked wager paid out according to the odds attached to your hand.

Jacks Or Better Rule Variations

The only rule that distinguishes Jacks or Better video poker from standard video poker is the fact that the lowest possible hand you can have in order to get a win is a hand that has at least a pair of Jacks. Other than this, cards are still dealt from a standard 52 card deck.

At the beginning of a new hand you will receive 5 cards dealt to you. Upon receiving the cards you will get the chance to select what cards you wish to keep and what cards you wish to have replaced with a new deal. Once you have chosen which cards to discard and clicked on the deal button again, you will receive the new cards.

Jacks Or Better Wager Limits

Jacks or Better video poker is available from a variety of developers so starting wagers can range from as low as 0.01, all the way up to 5 per wager coin. It is always good to match the video poker game with your budget.

The Jacks Or Better Gamble Option

If you have just made a winning hand and you are feeling a lucky streak coming on, it may be time to make use of the Jacks or Better video poker Doubling option. This button is active after any winning hand. Simply click on it in the bottom right corner and you will be taken to a new screen to play a new game.

You will be presented with a standard deck of cards. The computer will draw himself a card, then place four cards in front of you, face down. You can now select one of the four cards to be revealed. If you reveal a card that is of higher value than the card the computer drew, you will win double your wager back in prize money.

Jacks Or Better Auto Play Function

Jacks or Better video poker allows you to select an auto play option like most casino slots at This function will automatically play a set amount of hands at a set wager value. You can adjust these values and customize the auto plays.

The great thing about the Autoplay feature is that the computer will automatically play for you and make decisions based on optimal strategy. In other words the computer will make the best possible hands based on optimal wager strategy.