Presenting You with Similar Online Slots to Brilliant Fruits Slot

Brilliant Fruits is a mostly brick and mortar based casino game. This slot harks back to the good old days when Fruit Machines could be found in many a corner of a pub or cafe across the world. Brilliant Fruits is a very simple game, with only a few symbols and no extras.

There are no free spins, no scatters and not even a wild symbol. This is a slot that is purely about the spinning reels and lining up five of a kind on a payline. The wins are not bad, and come more often than in some of the bigger slots where you have to wait for a special feature to trigger before you can win anything.

The graphics are as simple as the rest of the slot, with no 3D of high definition going on, just simple drawing of Fruit and bars. All of the symbols come from the fruit machine theme, with cherries at the bottom of the paytable. Next up are lemons, oranges and plums, followed by bars, sevens and finally diamonds right at the top.

Retro Reels

Retro Reels is from super developer Microgaming and follows the same premise as Brilliant Fruits. There are no extras, and the whole game focuses on pure spinning reels fun. The graphics are also very similar to Brilliant Fruits, even going so far as to design the game so that it looks like it is sitting in a real physical game case such as you would be playing on in a brick and mortar casino. All symbols are theme based, although there are a few more of them at In Retro reels we find single, double and triple bars as well as dollar signs instead of diamonds. All in all this is one of the closets top online slots with similar action to Brilliant Fruits.

Reel Classic 3

Reel Classic is another classic style online slot. It compares to Brilliant Fruits by means of layout, extras and game play. Most classic slots, Brilliant Fruits included, have a three reel layout. This means that there are only three spinning reels at a time, and few paylines. Reel Classic 3 has three reels and only one payline. The graphics are a bit better than Brilliant Fruits, looking a bit classier with lots of reds and gold’s. The symbols will be familiar as well, with red cherries and golden bars. Reel Classic 3 also has no extras such as wild symbols or free spins and boasts a modest jackpot of 5000 coins. This slot is also a good top online slots with similar action to Brilliant Fruits.

Crazy 7

Crazy 7 is slightly different to the slots mentioned above. It follows the same three reel layout and is based on a Fruit Machine as is Brilliant Fruit, but it has a twist. With a 1960’s take on the fruit theme, Crazy 7 features the number seven in every symbol. Brought to us by Playtech, this is a bright slot with lots of psychedelic colours that help to promote the 60’s angle. The graphics are as good as can be imagined with this very basic theme; they are well drawn and have good crisp, bold outlines. Again there are no special features in Crazy 7, and only one payline, making it one of the most basic slots that you can play online and a good top slots online in Australiawith similar action to Brilliant Fruits.