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All About the National Rugby League Betting

The National Rugby League (NRL) is the highest ranked league of professional league clubs in Australasia.  The NRL is run by the Australian Rugby League Commission and is viewed by fans all over the world.  It is Australia’s premier domestic rugby league competition and has been running since 1908.

The NRL matches take place in Australia and New Zealand between March and October and the season ends with the main game which will decide the overall winner of the NRL, known as the NRL Grand Final.  The NRL premiers also take part in the World Club Challenge which is a pre-season game played against the winners of the European Super League.  There are 16 clubs in the NRL and 8 of these are in greater Sydney, 2 are in New South Wales, 3 in Queensland and one in Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and New Zealand.  There are no conferences or divisions.

Straight Bets

Sportsbooks will offer a variety of different bets and these include a head to head bet which is betting on which team will win a match.  This type of bet is successful if the odds are in favour of the bettors choice for winner.

The line or handicap bet is where the sportsbook will choose a team to win and they will give a line which they think is fair for the team favoured to win.  The team that is predicted to lose will have the advantage of extra points added.  The margin bet is when the sportsbook sets the odds for the teams to win by a certain amount.  The margin most often used is 1-12 or 13+.  This type of bet is sometimes used to increase the odds of a possible win if there is a possibility that the outcome will be close or if the team wins by a large amount.

Live betting has become very popular across all sports and when placing a live bet on the NRL bettors can do so by phone or these bets can be placed online at various sportsbooks.  Futures betting allows bettors to place bets well in advance.

Exotic Bets

There are also exotic bets which are bets placed on things like who will be the first player to score a try.  When placing a bet like this it is good for bettors to look at the form of the players and their career statistics for example how many one on one tackles they have made.  Also good to look at is their completions, possession of the ball, penalties and tries scored as well as how many minutes they have played.

Looking at these statistics will allow bettors to make a more accurate prediction of how many tries he may score or even if he has the chance of becoming man of the match.  Other examples of exotic wagers are the exact score of a game, the first team who will score and how many points they will get as well as the precise winning margin.  There are also multi-bets where bettors must try to predict the exact half time and full time score of a game.

The NRL is an extremely popular league not only in its home country but around the world as well.  The more knowledge a bettor has about the teams and individual players will ensure that the NRL betting odds of winning will be greater.