3 of the Biggest Underdog Wins In The NHL

Who doesn’t love an underdog story? Rocky was a legend, after all, because he somehow always managed to be the underdog rising to beat impossible odds. Real life sports are also full of underdog stories, and the NHL, National Hockey League, is certainly no different.

There have been a number of amazing NHL underdog team stories, all of which have managed to get the fans off their seats and cheering. Some underdog stories, however, have been so great as to pass into legend, spoken about for years afterwards. Here are some of the most amazing NHL underdog stories in history.

2006 – The Edmonton Oilers Incredible Run

In 2006 the Edmonton Oilers were not in a good position, having placed an unimpressive eighth in the Western Conference. It seemed that they were beaten before they even started their run for the Stanley Cup. And, to make matters a great deal worse, the first team they would be facing in the Western Conference were the legendary Detroit Red Wings, known for crushing opponents.

But, against all odds, and stunning fans, the Oilers managed to come out on top, destroying the Red Wings in a display that can only be described as amazing. And the Oilers didn’t stop their, although that victory alone would have made a great underdog story.

The Oilers continued to bulldoze their way through opposing teams, defeating team after team, and earning their ticket to a shot at the Stanley Cup.

Sadly, the Oilers did not win the Stanley Cup itself, but they certainly proved that a team should not be written off too soon. Imagine the payouts earned if having put down bets on the Oilers – in this case online betting really pays off.

2003 – Anaheim Ducks Stanley Cup Efforts

The Anaheim Ducks have a similar story to the Oilers, defying enormous odds to come from seventh place in the Western Conference, and dominate a number of games, leaving hockey fans with wide eyes and open mouths.

They did not, sadly, manage to power through and win the Stanley Cup, but certainly demonstrated a run that people will be talking about for years. Look at them being mentioned in this article right now, having achieved the underdog story way back in 2003.

2002 – BelarusBiggest Underdog Wins In The NHL Olympic Team

As we’ve seen, an underdog story doesn’t always have to end with the team going on to win a trophy, and sometimes it doesn’t have to be in the NHL itself. Sometimes just giving providing one of the biggest upsets in the Olympics will do. So, lets take a look at the Olympic hockey team that shocked hockey fans back in 2002.

In 2002 the Belarusian Olympic hockey team managed to defeat the Swedish team, known for being a powerhouse, with a lucky shot that bounced off he goalkeeper’s helmet.

It was enough to win the Belarus team the game, and def enormous odds. He team was, however, later defeated by Russia and Canada, but that lucky shot put the team in the history books.