A Simple Guide To iPad Sic Bo for New Players Online

The casino game sic bo is related to craps, but whereas in craps the bets may ride over a couple of rolls of the dice, while the player tries to hit a point that has been set, in sic bo every roll of the dice produces a win or a loss.

The game is played with three six-sided dice, and every possible combination is represented somewhere on the betting table. So at the end of each roll, some combination is declared a winner, and everyone who didn’t have a bet on that combo loses.

Wins in sic bo vary according to the specific bet, but these are all laid out in detail on the betting table. Betting that the total will be ‘big’ or ‘small’ for example, delivers even money on a win. But betting on a specific total, or a specific dice combination, pays a much bigger prize.

Random number generators, or RNGs, that can duplicate the unbiased rolls of identical dice, are used to create digital versions of sic bo for online play. Better still, the burgeoning growth in mobile casinos means that many developers are also designing sic bo games for portable devices.

Why iPad Sic Bo is Superior

Whether they choose to play directly at mobile casino sites via their iPad browsers, or download sic bo-specific apps, iPad owners all over the world are discovering the joys of iPad sic bo. The large screen makes checking the dice rolls and the betting table a simple affair, and the touchscreen controls lend themselves to quick, hassle-free play.

Best of all, iPad sic bo is completely portable, so fans can get their sic bo fix whenever they feel like it. Any sic bo game that plays on the iPad will also play on an iPhone, of course, so the player has another playing option, should their iPad battery die. Here is a list of some iPad sic bo apps to try out:

Sic Bo / Hi-Lo App

A colourful sic bo screen, decorated with stylised dragons. It features adjustable orientation, so the screen adapts depending on whether players are using their iPads in portrait or in landscape mode.

It was created by developers Pepper Stuff, and is available from iTunes.

Triple Dice SicBo

Subtitled Las Vegas Free Dice, this iPad sic bo app is also available for free on iTunes. It too features a bright, colourful layout, and it awards players free bonus chips every day.

This version of the game was designed by Timothy Schwan and has become very popular.

Sic-Bo and Sweet Sic-Bo

Sic-Bo and Sweet Sic-Bo are two more iPad sic bo apps, also featuring beautifully detailed graphics and a playing experience on the iPad similar to that of a land-based casino. Both are also available for free downloads just like most Sico Bo, online bingo and poker options for players these days.

Players who don’t want to clutter their iPad with lots of gaming apps can also access iPad sic bo games directly via browser, at plenty of mobile casino sites. A quick search for iPad sic bo will reveal all the options, including a large range of apps.