A Perfect Guide to Playing Thunderkick Turning Totems Online Slot

Thunderkick Turning Totems is an online slot game with a Native American theme. The slot reels are made up of 5 Totem Poles. Each spin turn the faces on the Totem Pole to reveal new symbols. Matching 6 or more similar faces will result in a cash prize.

Thunderkick Turning Totems has a unique look, like many other Thunderkick games. Not only are the win animations fun to watch, but all your spins feature a Native American boy on the side of the reels cheering you on.

The features of this online slot include a free spins bonus round with reel multipliers, as well as a re-spin feature every time you land more than 5 matching symbols on the reels. This slot also includes the Winfinity Spin feature which assures you at least one winning combination during the free spins bonus round.

Turning Totems Slot Wager Limits

Unlike some slots at Ruby Fortune Casino, Thunderkick Turning Totems does not feature traditional pay lines; instead pay outs are determined simply by the amount of matching faces you land on the Totem Poles. Wagers start at 0.10 per spin but can be raised to a limit of 250.

Turning Totems Bonus Game

Thunderkick Turning Totems has a free spins bonus game that is triggered by the Snake symbol. This symbol has the snake’s body shaped like a lightning bolt and when this bonus game initiates, the weather will change as well. You will see your Native American companion run up a hill to a new set of reels while the weather becomes stormy overhead.

The new set of Thunderkick Turning Totems free game reels each have a multiplier at the top of the totems poles. You get 12 free spins to start off with, but each snake bonus symbol that appears on the Totem Poles will add an additional 2 free spins.

Whenever the re-spin feature described below triggers during the free spin round, the multipliers at the top of the Totem Poles will increase by 1, up to a maximum of a 5x multiplier. If this wasn’t enough, when your free spins are finished, the Winfinity Spin feature initiates. This feature will spin the reels until you land 1 more winning combination before you are returned to the standard reels at the foot of the hill.

Thunderkick Turning Totems Internet Slot

Turning Totems Re-Spin Feature

Thunderkick Turning Totems slot has an additional free spin style feature. It may sound difficult to land 6 or more matching symbols on the reels, not to mention the possible jackpot amount of 15 matching symbols. It is however not that impossible when you consider the re-spin feature this slot has.

In Thunderkick Turning Totems, each time you land 5 matching symbols on the reels, those symbols will become sticky and remain in place. The re-spin feature now triggers, spinning all the other symbols while the 5 matching symbols remain in place. If another matching symbol appears on the reels, that symbol will now become sticky as well while the remaining reels re-spin yet again. The re-spins will end once no matching symbols appear after a re-spin.