A Detailed Introduction to Super Lotto

Super Lotto is the Californian lottery that offers a potential 7 million dollar pay day. This lottery also supports a variety of charitable causes in the local community, making winners out of everyone.

How to Pick and Purchase Super Lotto

Super Lotto can be found at almost any retailer in the local business districts and shopping area, More than 22 000 locations in California stock and sell Super Lotto tickets. You must pick five numbers between 1 and 47, as well as an additional MEGA number.

One ticket has room for 5 numbers. You can either pick your personal lucky numbers or have the lotto machine do a quick pick and randomly select 6 numbers. If you wish to keep using these numbers you can mark advance play on the Super Lotto ticket and you can use the same numbers for the next draw. You can get two to 8 consecutive draws in a row with the same number using Advance Play. The tickets cost $1 per line of numbers.

The Winning Super Lotto Numbers

Once purchased you can keep up to date with the lottery numbers on the website or you can simply scan your ticket’s barcode at your local Super Lotto retailer. You can also make use of the phone app that is available for download from the Super Lotto website like AU punters who install betting app using this site. The draw takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Second Chance Draw

Your ticket will display the dollar value of the ticket as well as the date of the draw for this relevant ticket. Additionally you will also receive a Super Lotto Second Chance code. This code will appear for every dollar spent on the Ticket.  You are automatically eligible for the second chance lotto draw that takes place after the main draw. The second chance draw offers five prizes of $15 000

The Winning Odds

Overall, players have a 1 in 23 odd of winning any prize. Matching the five numbers as well as the sixth MEGA number has odds of 1 in 41 416 353 , hitting all five numbers of the standard Super Lotto have odds of 1 in 1,592,937. The full list of odds can be found on the Californian Super Lotto website.

Super Lotto winnings do get taxed and any winnings over $599 will be subject to taxes, but the state will not impose additional taxes, only the Federal tax will be required. Players will have 180 days to claim their prizes. Pay outs occur in 30 annual payments, or you may choose to receive a cash value equivalent of the prize, which is less than the total winning amount but will be available in 60 days.

Super Lotto and Charity

95c of every $1 from the Super Lottery fund goes back into the community. Super Lotto has sent more than $1000 000 000 back into public education, contributing to community colleges, University of California Campuses, special needs schools  in areas like upgrading computer equipment, funding repairs , field trips and more. The California Super Lotto offers supplementary funding to 1100 school districts annually.